The Foundation was formed by the Lions Club of Elwood and was a project of District 201V1. 

The first trustees in 1980 were Lion Ian Collis (Elwood), Past District Governor Neil Armstrong, Lions Henry Bell, David Hatfield, Piloo Rustromjee, and Roger Newton. Elwood had two trustees up until about 2000.

Lion Terry Collison joined the Trustees in the early 90s, was Vice Chairman and took over from Neil as Chairman in the middle 90s until 2000. 

Main fundraising in the beginning was donations from Clubs in District 201V1. From 1994 to 1997, the Foundation was the main beneficiary for the "Gown of the Year” (run by the fashion industry).

The Foundation funded research at the Monash Medical Centre from the beginning and was funding at $10,000 per year ($2500 each quarter) from interest earned. Current donations are about $5000 per half year.

Various name changes have occurred during recent years with the current name being adopted at conventions in Victoria in 2018

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